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March 18, 2012


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Claude Forrat

Wow !
Haven`t read the book but by the title, and by what Wayne is saying, I got an idea. And I've heard many times the same kind of affirmations and generalizations.

Like Wayne, I've been away from home for many years now and I would not have nourishing loving relationships if it wasn`t for technology. People I had lost contact with when I moved to other continents found me, or I found them, and I met new wonderful people I love, thanks to technology.

Makes me think of the movie "what the bleep do we know"... Can somebody assume he/she knows the truth about anything and say that "WE" are all brainwashed and at the same level of understanding and of use of anything ?

Somebody up to write a book about this book ? something about giving positive ideas of positive ways to use technology to improve the way we deal with our dreams, needs and hopes, for example ? That would be great ...
:) Namaste !

Will Edwards

I agree with you. Before email, people corresponded, in writing, far less frequently. These days, it's easy to knock up a quick email or post a Facebook update. These things are just tools and they are very useful and they don't have to replace anything - you can always turn that mobile device off.

Best wishes,

Will :)

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