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February 09, 2009


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Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

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Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

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This is incredible! I love the sea world- I always thought it was fascinating but time came and I had to grow up and choose a profession- it has nothing to do with the sea, so the web is my only way of getting a feel of it daily (as I hate fish tanks and the shores are polluted). You brought up memories- thank you.

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Many institutions limit access to their online information. Making this information available will be an asset to all.

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Let’s you create narrated, illustrated tours, on land or above and below the sea surface, describing and showing things like a hike or scuba excursion, or even a research cruise on a deep-diving submarine

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Wow nice one!

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This is one of the coolest movies I have ever seen. It holds a positive note and send an awesome message to all ages. I first saw this movie on the Disney channel and I liked it so much I spent 2 months searching for to buy.

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There are over 1800 species of living species of starfish that occur in all the world's oceans, including the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian as well as in the Arctic and the Southern Ocean (i.e., Antarctic) regions. Starfish occur across a broad depth range from the intertidal to abyssal depths (>6000 m).

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It’s great to see good information being shared. it's great to see fresh, creative ideas that have never been done before.

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Wish Upon a Star, is very interesting post, thanks for sharing guys, if you make more updates,please sharing with me!

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I like this post called Wish Upon a Star, I would like get more information about this!

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Starfish are among the most familiar of marine animals and possess a number of widely known traits,such as regeneration and feeding on mussels. Starfish possess a wide diversity of body forms and feeding methods. The extent that Asteroidea can regenerate varies with individual species. Broadly speaking,

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The Asteroidea occupy several important roles throughout ecology and biology. Sea stars, such as the Ochre star (Pisaster ochraceus) have become widely known as the example of the keystone species concept in ecology

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It's seems it's nothing more than business as usual, try preserve and maintain a sinking ship putting plugs here and there to stop further leaking.I love Jesus, but his bride had better clean up her act if she ever hopes to make to the wedding feast.

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