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October 29, 2009


Christian A. Wittke

Hi Wayne

I am living In Scotland, close to Loch Ness, following your tour now and then, wish I could do it for real!

Your article makes interesting reading; you see things from a positive, rather optimistic side; one could also see it from a different angel, from the angle that all these virtual realities are produced for a purpose. The purpose being once again: money. In many cases what was “panem et circensem” has now been eveloped to rule all aspects of our daily routine: from Second Life to Swine Flue, from Terrorism to Democracy, from Global Warming to Obesity, every one of these topics is governed by an industry. It is totally impossible to find the real core, the truth and nothing but the truth behind those topics. Of course, the reason to produce artificial Diamonds might by one of the more transparent and simply ventures.

Yet, who are we and what do we really know and understand compared to what nature, this planet, has to offer for us including a Tsunami or two.

Have a nice time in the US.

Best regards


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